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BUSINESS AND CORPORATE LAW: Are you starting a business, and need to register a fictitious business name, or file documents to form a LLC or corporation (in any state), or establish operating bylaws for your firm, or prepare a partnership agreement, or considering expanding your business and maybe becoming a franchise? Or are you considering selling your business or unwinding a partnership? Do you need a "lawyer letter" for any purpose of business communication? Do you believe your business has been unfairly treated by trade competitors or is a victim of antitrust or wrongful anti-competition or fraud practices?

CONTRACTS AND AGREEMENTS: Doing business means working with customers, clients, third parties, suppliers, and vendors; will you need a contract prepared, or require legal review of someone else's contract before you sign it, or desire assistance negotiating and drafting the terms of a deal, business proposal, or RFQ? Do you want assistance negotiating the terms of a lease for commercial space or modifying its terms? Do you need to firmly approach vendors or customers to assure compliance with contracts or payment of money owed? Do you need a "lawyer letter" to articulate business demands or interpret contract performance?

LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT LAW ISSUES: Are any employees claiming they have been victims of wrongful termination, discrimination or sexual harassment? Are you considering preparing a human resources policy and manual for your company? Does a collective bargaining agreement with a union need to be interpreted, or do you have to defend your company's actions before a union grievance procedure? Do you need to make basic decisions on hiring and firing policies, or determine whether a course of action exposes you to legal attack? Are you an employee who believes he or she has been financially or otherwise harmed by wrongful actions taken by your employer?

DISABILITY, SOCIAL SECURITY, VETERAN BENEFITS, AND MEDICARE CLAIMS: Have you become physically or mentally disabled (off the job) and no longer able to do your regular employment?  Were you disabled or injured while serving in the military resulting in your inability to do normal work? Have you thought about applying for Social Security, State Disability, or Veteran Administration disability benefits? If you have applied for such benefits, did the government agency deny your claim and do you wish to appeal that decision? Are you a Medicare beneficiary, physician provider or DME supplier who has been denied a claim for payment or having disputes with that agency?

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: Do you need to protect intellectual property related to your business, such as establishing trademark rights or copyrighting original works, or protect trade secrets, or develop licensing agreements for others to use your product? And are you concerned with how your employees might treat confidential (trade secret) information developed in house, and how to protect that knowledge?

REAL ESTATE AND LANDLORD/TENANT MATTERS: Are you a Buyer or Seller, or Landlord or Tenant, who needs to understand your contractual obligations, or have a document reviewed before signing it, or negotiate the terms of a lease or purchase? Are you a Seller having difficulty getting the Buyer to close the deal? Are you a Buyer who cannot get your down payment refunded from escrow? Is your business lease or option term open for renegotiation? Is your landlord not providing the services he promised? Do you need easements, covenants, and title documents interpreted? Do you need to execute on a judgment against a debtor's real property?

ADMINISTRATIVE, REGULATORY AND GOVERNMENT COMPLIANCE LAW: Are you dealing with government agencies to get permits, or make claims for losses or injuries, or appeal an unfavorable decision? Are you trying to get local, state, or federal government approval for a project? Has your child been suspended or expelled from school, or have you been denied some governmental benefit which you think you deserve and should get? Do you need to analyze which government agencies need to be contacted and what rules need to be followed in the business you are about to undertake?

ARBITRATION AND MEDIATION: Do you have a matter which has been assigned to an arbitration or mediation proceeding (by the court or pursuant to a contractual term)? Do you require preparation of documents, or presentation of your legal position, or full attorney representation at an arbitration or mediation hearing? Are you dissatisfied with the results of an arbitration decision and wish to bring a court action instead? Do you and a person with whom you are in conflict believe you can work out your differences by discussing them with an impartial attorney who understands business, contracts and employee/employer matters?

ENVIRONMENTAL LAW: Do you need any permits to operate your business relating to air quality, water quality, sewage treatment, or waste management, or do you need an environmental impact report before embarking on your venture, or has your business been ticketed or cited under an environmental protection statute (state or federal)? Are you considering buying or leasing commercial property which might have been home to hazardous wastes, chemical ponds or underground tanks?


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